Design Guide.

This guide is designed to highlight a set of interactive archetypes for digital delivery of content that is typically created first for print format, i.e. brochures, white papers, articles, etc. The intent of this guide is to create a “Schwab-like” look and feel for the interaction and design. In this manner, we can continue to expand the Schwab brand experience beyond the website, and using the specific interactive archetypes typical of tablet computing.

As an example, we have taken an existing piece of content created as a multi-chapter direct mail booklet and applied 10 specific interaction archetypes.

These archetypes represent an initial set that can be used to guide the interaction design and implementation of content destined to be deployed for consumption on a tablet device.

Many decisions on this guide have been based on the Schwab square Schwab brand guidelines. We also considered the audience demographics and typical adoption of foundation navigational cues and paradigms for tablet computing.

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